How To Get Your Own PS Outage

To get your own PS outage, just follow these 2 easy steps:

1) Play on your PS3 console for 6-8 hours a day

2) Repeat Step 1 everday for a month

The method really works. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

That pretty much sums up how I burnt my Cell Broadband engine.But if you want the details, this is my story:

I had the old phat PS3, the 40 GB one (I bought it 5 years back) and it ran perfectly well, I played games on it, watched movies, played some more games and all was well, but one fine Saturday morning, I woke up (at 1), brushed my teeth, had a nice brunch, then I went to play some BF3. Just normal holiday routine. But when I pressed that on button, I saw the sight no gamer ever wants to see, the YLOD.

The sight no gamer ever wants to see...

I rushed the PS3 to a hospital (local repair guy) and he said, “I’ll fix it. Just give me 4 days.”  So I waited. 4 days later: I give the guy a call, he says “I was busy somewhere. Just 2 more days.” I was dissapointed but it was alright, atleast he’ll be able to fix it…But after 20 days and 2 more repair guys, my PS3 still had the YLOD. I knew the Sony people, most probably, won’t even look at it since it was 5 years old and they had stopped making that model, but I decided to give it a go and took it to them.

They took it, said they’ll fix it but it’ll take about a week.  After 10 days, I get a call from them saying that they can’t fix it, they say that there’s no hope for my PS3 to be revived but I can get a replacement.I was so happy, finally the end of my PS outage was here. Exited,I asked them how much time it’ll take.

Only a month…

Calling that a buzzkill, is a huge understatement…. Well I wasn’t ready to wait that long, by the time it would’ve come my final exams would have started, so no point.

I take my PS3 dead body back home, sad. But the next day, I called the first repair guy and asked him what I should do, he gave me the number of someone who specialises  in console repairs. Last chance. I took my PS3 there, waited in line for 3 hours, then finally when my turn came, he opened it in front of me, and after 15 nervous minutes, he said he couldn’t fix it. He declared it dead.

BUT…..after pestering him to try one more time, keep it for a day or two, he agreed… he said he’ll give it back in 3 days.(This happened  2 days ago)Another deadline…with a predictable result: I called him up today, he asked for a few more days, not even a fix date, atleast earlier I used to have a date to look forward to.

So, I think I’ll have to buy a new one now , a PS3 SLIM and I guess I’ll sell the old one once I get it back (fixed, that is)…

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