I’m leaving for Hong Kong and Macau tomorrow. I know I’m writing this post a little late but I was really busy over the past few days. I had an event in DPS Faridabad today. I was going for the PPT event with two other people from my class and we had to make a PPT on the role of Science and Technology in Agriculture. About 30 schools turned up, 29 for my event, and this turned out to be a big problem, no, not for DPS Faridabad but for us. Our turn came last because for some reason they called the schools in alphabetical order and by the time it was our turn (we went last) the judges were very bored and had lost interest and so didn’t listen to our PPT. Well, I wouldn’t blame them for getting sick of looking at PPTs because some of them were really…. weird.  So we didn’t win..none of the students from our school won… even though I’d thought that we had it in the bag, turns out there was a huge hole in the bag 😦

Also, I had been in the iLab at school working on a movie with Sidharth for some competition for the past few days. So when I’ll get back I’ll have a lot of work to complete…

Getting back to my trip, I am left with packing right now,  the flight is at night so it’s OK. I’ll be back after approx 10 days. Ill be taking a lot of videos, pictures as well but I’m more of a video guy.

I’ll upload some when I get back…


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  1. When do you plan on blawging next?

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